Buying saffron | what to know before buying saffron

Buying saffron | what to know before buying saffron

Saffron threads

There will always be dishonest traders out there who want to take advantage of you. Buying saffron solely from reputable vendors is the greatest method to avoid getting duped. Conduct a background investigation. Inquisitiveness is a good thing. Keep yourself up to date.

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Understand the fundamentals of saffron:

  • Saffron is a pricey spice. Any figure that is much lower than the worldwide market price should already raise red flags.
  • Look for well-known brands. You are in good hands, even if they sell at a bargain.
  • Dry and brittle saffron threads, not mushy and sticky, are required.
  • The form of saffron threads must be consistent. It’s usually fake saffron if the saffron doesn’t appear like threads and the box contains a lot of tiny, broken bits.
  • Safflower isn’t the same as saffron! Carthamus tinctorius, or safflower, is an annual thistle-like plant. This plant’s dried petals are commonly marketed as saffron, though they lack all of saffron’s qualities and benefits.
  • Saffron has a scrotum, fresh aroma.
  • The size of saffron threads is consistent, but the colour is not. When all of the threads have the same hue from beginning to finish, it’s possible that they were dyed to hide the real colour underlying.
  • Saffron threads are bright red in colour, with a slightly lighter fluted tip that is more red-orangey in hue. The stock is old if it is dull red.
  • Understand the various cuts: The best saffron thread, known as coupé saffron, sargol, or premium red, includes just the vibrant red section of the stigmas, with the yellow style removed before drying. A saffron cut with a bright red stigma and a little or a lot of yellow style indicates a lower-quality saffron. There is no taste to the style.

Great things to remember before buying saffron

We must always have comprehensive knowledge before purchasing any goods so that we may get the greatest thing at the best price. We want to offer you with the knowledge you need to purchase high-quality saffron in this post.

Know the types before buying saffron

Another significant consideration when buying saffron is the classification of saffron based on the cut and harvesting method. Negin, Super negin, Sargol, etc are among the best types of saffron.


The pure part of saffron, which is red in color and is located at the end of the saffron thread, is called Sargol. The reason for this naming was the separation of the highest part of the saffron thread (Sar, in Persian, means top. Sargol saffron has different coloring depending on the quality it may have. The best coloring grade for this type of saffron is 270.

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Since in the preparation of Sargol saffron, the white part of the saffron root, as much as possible, is separated from it, and this increases its appearance quality as well as its coloring power, the saffron obtained from this method is called premium saffron. This type of saffron has the highest amount of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal.

Super Negin

The most costly and scarce Saffron. Super Negin saffron is famous not only for its potency, but also for its attractive appearance. Super Negin threads are longer and don’t have any yellow or orange threads in them. The threads are symmetrically cut and free of crumbs. When it comes to Saffron trimmings, Super Negin is the most coveted for people who seek the finest of the best.


Negin is longer than Sargol and Super Negin, with some yellow and orange thread. To put it another way, the scent, quality, and purity remain excellent, but you must pay a premium for some of the lower-quality yellow and orange threads.


Pushal saffron is the most affordable and widely available Saffron in shops. Due to the high cost of saffron, many distributors take advantage of customers by selling the orange and yellow sections of the thread to boost their profit margins. Because the yellow portions of the stigma are worthless, customers find up paying significantly more in the end for a subpar product.

Any of these varieties of Persian saffron is a good choice, however, Super Negin is the most costly and scarce variety of Saffron. It’s also the best saffron you’ll find on the market.

Saffron from Persia is almost always of good quality if obtained from a reliable and recognized source. Due to its extremely appropriate qualities, such as climate, topography, soil, and organic harvesting methods, Iran will maintain its status as a high-quality Saffron producer. all in all, when buying saffron, be sure to make sure it is from Iranian’s farms.

Some other considerations before buying saffron

  • Make sure you get fresh saffron threads before you go shopping.
  • The length of the saffron threads is what determines whether it is fresh.
  • Fresh saffron threads have the highest levels of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • The lengthy threads give off a wonderful scent and flavour.
  • Choose saffron that has been stored in an airtight container to ensure that the flavour and aroma are preserved.
  • If you believe that saffron is yellow and red in hue, you are mistaken. The yellow threads you see are called styles and come from the saffron crocus, however they are not saffron strands.
  • The key ingredient you want to utilise as a spice is the dark orange or red stigma. Because saffron is so expensive and harvesting it takes so much labour, some people don’t bother to separate the yellow threads from the red ones and sell them together.
  • To avoid losing money, buy only dark red saffron that does not include any yellow.

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As you can see, buying saffron is somehow important, because it is the most expensive spice ever, and its variety is also extensive. Our saffron at is selected on a local farm, allowing us to ensure that the farmer is appropriately rewarded. We can ensure that the saffron is of the finest quality, sown without pesticides and free of any preservatives, additions, or anything not supplied from the fields of our saffron farms since we are involved in every stage.

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