Price of saffron | Why is saffron so expensive + what determines its value

Price of saffron | Why is saffron so expensive + what determines its value

Saffron; crimson gold

Saffron is pricey, but the flavor is well worth it. Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, with one ounce costing more than $500. (Ounce = ~28 grams). We are here to explain the price of saffron, things that may affect its cost, and where to buy the best-quality saffron in Sweden and Europe.

Saffron was used as a scent by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and it is referenced in the Chinese matter medica (the science or study of drugs) from the 1550s. The plant is now used as a culinary spice and a dye for textiles. It’s now a key ingredient in a variety of Asian, Middle Eastern, and European recipes, including French bouillabaisse, Spanish paella, Moroccan tagines, and many more. Saffron, on the other hand, is a highly costly spice. Its high cost is due to the time it takes to harvest it. Only a little portion of each saffron blossom is utilized, and harvesting is done entirely by hand.

… But it’s worth it

Because it is such a labor-intensive crop, it is highly costly. The saffron crocus, Crocus sativa, blooms in the fall. In the centre of each bloom are three tiny, threadlike stigmas. These must be gently removed by hand and roasted to dry. To create one pound of saffron, more than 80,000 crocus blossoms must be cultivated, cared for, hand-harvested, and processed, according to Jill Norman’s “The Cook’s Reference: Herbs and Spices.”

For millennia, this unique spice has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean and Asia. It was once used as both a red-orange dye and a spice. Saffron was traditionally used to colour Buddhist monks’ orange robes.

The spice was given to Spain by the Arabs, and Spain is currently one of the world’s top producers of saffron. Spain’s saffron is from Persian, the most pure type of this crimson gold.

Saffron has a distinct scent and flavour that is difficult to explain. It has a flowery scent, but it is not sweet. It’s toasty and earthy, but not overpowering. It’s soft and silky at the same time. It’s distinct, intoxicating, and fantastic.

Saffron stigmas, or threads, make up around 450-500 per gramme of spice, or about 1/24 of an ounce. A pinch is all it takes to colour and taste a standard dish for 4 to 6 people.

Half-gram packets of saffron for household usage generally cost $8 to $12. That’s plenty for 5 to 10 recipes, so it’s not as pricey each dinner as it appears.

Saffron should be purchased in an airtight, lightproof container, which is generally a little black bag or plastic box within a larger container. Also, double-check that it is truly costly.

Price of saffron

Saffron; from the heart of Persia

Saffron is grown and manufactured in Persian regions, and 95% of the world’s “crimson gold” is shipped to other countries. As a result, the price of saffron is mostly decided in Iran. Saffron has traditionally been farmed in Khorasan Province, which is located in northeast Iran and has perfect subtropical conditions with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

By producing 95 percent of the world’s saffron, Persia established a unique and important position in this industry. Persian saffron cultivation/production takes up around 6,000 hectares of the country’s agricultural land, and more than 70% of the harvest is exported. As a result, investing in this region will be extremely rewarding. In any case, the price of saffron is decided on a daily basis, much like the price of gold.

persian saffron

Price of saffron – Types of crimson gold

Because the saffron spice is organized into numerous distinct categories based on quality, the price of saffron varies throughout these categories. Negin Persian saffron is the most costly kind of saffron spice, with a larger market in North America and Europe. We, at, provide the best-quality Persian Negin saffron at the lowest price. made it possible for people all over the globe (Especially Swedish and European people to acquire the best Negin saffron online at the lowest price, straight from Persian soil. Other varieties of saffron, such as sargol saffron, are less expensive. However, the price of saffron spice is similar to that of gold, and it is traded per gram.

What determines the price of saffron

Saffron has been prized for its color, flavor, and therapeutic qualities since antiquity. One kilogram of saffron spice requires 75,000 saffron flowers. It’s really high. Saffron is generally hand-harvested. Saffron spice is one of the most costly plants in the world due to the difficulties of harvesting it.

The price of saffron spice for end-users is decided by the farmer’s saffron rating, which is based on its coloring power, fragrance, and taste. Of course, lab studies are required to rate the saffron quality. Examiners determine the quality of saffron based on the presence of chemicals such as Crocin, Safranal, Picrocrocin, Crocetin, and others.

price of saffron

Wholesale and Retail – Price of saffron

The wholesale price of saffron, like that of other products, is lower than the retail price. As a result, if you’re shopping for saffron online, take notice of the price per gram. In general, as the amount of saffron increases, the price per gram decreases.

For example, if you buy 5-gram saffron from our saffron shop “” you will spend 6.58 € per gram. When ordering a 100-gram package, you will pay much less per gram (and enjoy free shipping). Because saffron quality does not degrade over time, we recommend ordering all of the saffron you’ll need for a year in bulk packages. Please remember to keep them in a dark, dry location.

We launched Red Gold with a simple promise: to provide real, high-quality saffron at a reasonable price. As we continue to add chapters to the tale of the Red Gold, this vision serves as a guide.



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