Saffron expiration | Does saffron expire? How to store saffron

Saffron expiration | Does saffron expire? How to store saffron

Pure things never expire

Saffron is the way to go if you want to add color, flavor, and a hint of the unusual to your meal. Because a little goes a long way, it’s simple to end up with the same stockpile (3-gram saffron package) for months or even years. As a result, the issue arises: does saffron go bad? Is it possible to freeze it? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about anything from shelf life to storage best practices. we are here to explain saffron expiration and how to keep your crimson gold for years.

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Saffron expiration

Saffron does not go bad, but it does have a shelf life and, like other spices, loses its strong flavor and scent as it matures and is not properly preserved. This priceless spice is harmed by direct light, heat, dampness, and oxygen.

With only a little exposure, your saffron will quickly lose its optimum freshness. It’s advisable to use up your saffron threads or ground saffron before the expiration date, whether you have threads or ground saffron. To get the most out of the spice, you should also follow the storage instructions. We’ll get to storage in a minute, but first, let’s look at saffron’s shelf life.

saffron expiration date

Saffron shelf life

Storage, quality of the saffron, and whether it is ground or whole all influence how long saffron loads. Let’s start with the basics:


Saffron of superior grade is dried at high temperatures to eliminate as much moisture as possible. With a little extra moisture in it, saffron is more likely to grow mould and germs, diminishing its effectiveness.

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Obviously, moisture content information is not on the label when you buy your spices, but try to get your saffron from reputable high-quality spice sellers. Aside from that, whole saffron (Saffron threads not powder) will keep considerably longer and preserve its flavor and scent than powdered saffron. Finally, moisture, heat, light, and oxygen are all harmful to saffron. Spices will last longer if they are stored away from these factors.

Saffron threads will last 2-3 years if properly stored after the sell-by date. If the saffron is ground, the time will be reduced to 6-12 months. It’s worth noting that the harvest date isn’t always the same as the purchasing date. Saffron that has beyond its expiration date but does not show symptoms of deterioration should still be safe to use. However, the longer you keep your spice, the less taste and scent it will have.

Here’s a quick rundown of saffron’s shelf life:

  • Saffron threads (Whole): 2-3 years
  • Ground saffron (Powder): 24-28 months
  • Freezing ground saffron is not recommended

saffron shelf life

4 ways to determine if your saffron is rotten

Because saffron has such a unique flavor, color, and scent, it’s easy to detect if your precious spice has gone bad. Here’s how to tell if your saffron is still okay or if it’s time to throw it out:

Keep an eye on saffron expiration date

Saffron expiration date might help you determine how fresh your spice is. If the suggested sell-by date was more than three years ago, your saffron has most certainly lost its effectiveness, and it’s better to cut your losses and throw it away.

Keep an eye on its color

The hue of saffron is a vibrant orange-red. Apart from its earthy overtones, the spice’s vivid color is what makes it so appealing. If your saffron spice, whether powdered or whole, has lost its characteristic color, seems faded or dull, it is no longer fresh. It’s possible that the spice won’t give your dish the flavor or color you want, and saffron expiration date has already passed!

Keep a nose on its aroma!

Fresh saffron has a strong fragrance that is difficult to ignore. This esteemed spice has tobacco undertones and a strong flowery and earthy fragrance. Checking for the presence of this unique scent is an excellent method to determine how fresh saffron is. To bring out the scent, rub a tiny bit of saffron between your thumb and index finger.

saffron quality

Keep an eye on its shape

Moisture intrusion is particularly common in ground saffron. If moisture has gotten into your spice, the saffron powder will seem clumpy, and the threads will cling together rather than exist as separate bits. Mold thrives in moist saffron, making the spice both unpleasant and dangerous to eat.

Where to keep our crimson gold

While your saffron expiration date has not yet passed, you should think about how to keep it intact. To keep saffron, you don’t need any fancy containers or sophisticated procedures. However, in order to get the most out of your spice, you must be cautious about storage conditions and location.


Here are some suggestions regarding saffron storage:

  • Saffron should never be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Saffron should be kept in a cold, clean, and dry closet or pantry space. Saffron is sold in transparent jars in supermarkets, however, this exposes the spice to light, lowering its quality.
  • Divide and store saffron in smaller containers if you have a huge quantity. Instead of exposing the whole cache of spices to air and humidity every time you need a few threads, you can just open and utilize the part you need.

saffron expiration

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