Saffron use in food factories | The raw material of many products in the world

Saffron use in food factories | The raw material of many products in the world

Different Saffron Uses

The use of saffron has become very common in the modern world, especially in industries.  Saffron use in food factories such as ready-meal factories is popular nowadays; they utilize this crimson gold to make sausages and margarine. Dairy factories, on the other hand, use saffron threads in the production of butter, cheese, and other products.

From time immemorial, saffron has been used as a dye in various countries. Depend on the amount used, it is able to produce a yellow to red color. In this post, we will talk about the different uses of saffron in factories and also help you to understand why this crimson gold is so precious!

A precious souvenir from the silk road!

To have bright red saffron, you need a full sunlight condition. Saffron bulbs grow much better in cold regions with high rainfall than in tropical regions and one of the main reasons that distinguish good saffron from poor saffron is the climatic conditions of the region. The colder the region, the higher the yield and grade of saffron become. So, the middle east is the best region to grow saffron and the east of Iran has the best saffron the world has ever seen!

Due to its warm nature, saffron can largely withstand cold weather. Saffron bulbs continue to grow normally at minus 40 degrees Celsius and fully maintain the freshness and vitality of the leaves. Iran is one the main countries of the silk road and the Chinese merchants were the main buyers of this product. They use saffron as a natural color for their silks. In the industry, for dyeing silk with saffron, a thread or silk cloth is put in the tail, saffron is imported and boiled, and then the thread or silk fabric is taken out and washed.

Saffron use in perfume and fragrance factories

Do you know how much saffron price per gram is? Do you know why this colorful and fragrant spice is called red gold? Of course, by now you have realized the importance of this spice. Of course, by now you have realized the importance of this spice. But in the past, due to limited uses and sufficient saffron, this spice was used directly in perfuming spaces such as rooms and houses. But now, due to the high cost of this product, the use of saffron fragrance depends on laboratories.

Perfume factories in their laboratories combine saffron threads with other elements to achieve a new fragrant scent. Achieving a new scent from saffron is so important that they avoid revealing its formula. Many of the perfumes you wear today have a saffron base. Research has shown that most people prefer to buy natural-based perfumes, and therefore the saffron use in these factories is very popular.

Saffron for Art

One of the most important cultural and artistic achievements of the Middle East and the Far East are the works that have been recorded on pages made mostly of deer skin. World-famous Iranian miniatures, along with Iranian calligraphy in the Middle East, and Chinese and Japanese miniatures, and calligraphy from those areas, are all severely damaged due to their very long history. The animal skin from which the pages were created increases the damage probability.

saffron in food

The same disinfecting property that was the main reason for using saffron in the storage of Indians and the protection of Iranian clothes, this time has come to the aid of preserving old artworks. With the help of this property of saffron, it is possible to prevent irreparable damage caused by the formation of fungi and mold on old works of art. In the most important museums of the world, where natural monuments are preserved, saffron is used to restore them. Therefore, another use of saffron in the world is to produce a natural preservative for sensitive artworks of the ancient times.

Safrron use in candle factories

In most industries, a large amount of saffron is needed to extract and use its scent and flavor. But in some industries, such as candle making, a small amount of high-purity saffron is needed. Therefore, Iranian saffron is used in these factories, which has a unique quality.

In the west world along with the east world, the candle is considered as a symbol of self-sacrifice and generosity. On the other hand, saffron, a red gold, has a very good color and its taste is exemplary.

The use of saffron in candle making is the culmination of two phenomena. The combination of candle and saffron gives the candle a poetic quality. Perhaps when this candle is lit in a place of worship, the combination of the spiritual light of the candle and the transcendental fragrance of saffron will polish the hearts of the worshipers as much as possible. In these factories, however, the amount of saffron is not important, but the purity of this spice is important.

Saffron use in food factories and industries

Saffron is undoubtedly one of the spices used in the preparation of various foods. The food factories can not get their desired flavor and aroma without having saffron. Among the factories where the use of saffron is common, the following examples can be mentioned:

  • Dairy industries
  • Meat products industries
  • Cakes, cake powder, and jelly factories
  • Prepared food factories (soups and stews, etc)
  • Beverage factories

Saffron uses in European countries

In northern Italy and southern Switzerland, saffron is widely used to make saffron rice “Risotto”. In Spain, a food called Paella is prepared in which saffron plays an important role. In Germany and England, saffron is also used to make a kind of saffron cake.

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Persian Saffron Price

First of all, you should know that the quality of saffron powder is lower than saffron threads. But saffron powder also has all the properties of original saffron to some extent. The price of saffron powder is also much better. For example, a gram of pure Iranian saffron powder costs 5.90 Euros, while a gram of genuine saffron costs 8.90 Euros.

Wholesale saffron for factories and restaurants

We can also sell first-class Iranian saffron in bulk at a lower price to meet the needs of industries, factories, and restaurants. We have very good farms under saffron cultivation that can meet the needs of many of you either in Sweden or Europe.

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