Healing cold symptoms with saffron

Healing cold symptoms with saffron

The properties of saffron are considered a miracle for human beings. Saffron, this valuable and precious spice, has been noticed in most countries of the world due to its numerous medicinal properties. Healing cold symptoms with saffron is one of the reasons why doctors recommend consuming it during wintertime. Children are very sensitive creatures and should be well cared for against possible injuries. Many of the sensitivities and discomforts of children can be solved by saffron as well.

Saffron; Crimson gold

Do you know about the healing properties of saffron for children? Such properties have made this agricultural product popular and famous. Saffron, this crimson aromatic gold, has miraculous healing and medicinal properties that can be consumed in various forms. Saffron is used in cooking all kinds of food, preparing desserts and drinks. If you want to get comprehensive and complete information about healing cold symptoms with saffron either in children and adults, join us in this post.

Winter is coming!

With the onset of winter, one of the most common infectious diseases is the flu. This contagious disease, unfortunately, affects the respiratory system, it is one of the most important winter diseases. If you see a doctor and are being monitored for treatment, you can use foods that will help you in the healing process. If you are looking for the answer to the question “What should we eat for the flu?” Saffron can be a good help to you, so stay tuned.

Let us show you if healing cold symptoms with saffron is for real.

Is the flu different from the common cold?

Yes, the flu and the common cold are different, but the two diseases have many similar symptoms, from a runny nose to burning eyes. But cough, fever, and body aches may be the most important signs of catching the flu from the common cold. Chills and body aches are often the first signs of the flu. If you feel that you have symptoms similar to the common cold but you are so lethargic that you can not even get up and your body is in pain; You may have the flu. As a result, brew some saffron-based drinks before seeing a doctor in such situations.

How to prepare saffron-based cinnamon and cardamom tea

Healing cold symptoms with saffron teas! It will also be very effective in relieving bone pain and eliminating puffy eyes.

To prepare a delicious tea, you can use a combination of saffron with fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, etc, and give a different taste to your tea. To prepare this tea, you can put a quarter of a teaspoon of saffron with a glass of boiling water and a piece of cinnamon stick on indirect heat and let it brew for half an hour. Then you can add some natural honey, candy or sugar to this delicious drink and enjoy drinking it on a winter evening! You can also add some chopped green cardamom to this combination and watch the signs of healing cold symptoms with saffron with your own eyes.

Healing all types of sicknesses in children with saffron

Healing all types of sicknesses in children with saffron

The benefits of saffron for children are so remarkable that this plant is known as a magical product. To benefit from the properties of saffron for children, you must be careful in consuming this crimson gold. For example, if your child is more interested in different types of saffron, use saffron as a drink. It is also possible for you to prepare and consume delicious and fragrant desserts with saffron. Now we want to introduce you to the properties of this plant for children, which healing cold symptoms with saffron is one of them.

Strengthen the child’s immune system

Children are very sensitive creatures and should be taken care of more meticulously. One of the main methods of caring for children is to strengthen their immune system to prevent various diseases. Saffron is a substance that strengthens the immune system of children. Be sure to include this miraculous plant in your children’s diet and enjoy its amazing properties.

Treatment of asthma and lung problems in children after they got cold

lung problems in children after they got cold

Sometime after that your child had cold or flu, may the symptoms still have had with him or her. Children with respiratory problems and asthma often also struggle with pneumonia. The antiseptic properties of saffron are also pioneers in helping children with respiratory diseases. Saffron is considered to be the main factor in reducing inflammation and swelling caused by shortness of breath by clearing the airways. This improves respiratory function and thus completely improves lung problems and asthma treatment.

Healing cold symptoms with saffron especially in children

Colds and flu are among the most common illnesses that affect many children. The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of saffron help to quickly cure colds and flu in children. To benefit from the healing properties of this plant, mix some saffron with lukewarm milk and give it to your children. In infants for whom it is not possible to consume milk and saffron orally, it is better to rub this solution on the baby’s chest and back.

Use the plant in these ways for healing cold symptoms with saffron

Winter brings joy for the whole world and a runny nose for a few people! Despite of all the ceremonies like Christmas, Hannukah, etc. it also is the season of flu and catching a cold.

Thank god almighty! There have been a number of quality home medications inherited by generations to help us deal with winter problems. For wintertime, the oriental precious gift is Crocus Sativus! Their magic is healing cold symptoms with saffron in 3 easy ways.

Way 1 – Saffron-based warming drinks

Saffron-based warming drinks

To prepare this drink, you need to mix three-quarters of a glass of water, a quarter of a glass of rosewater, and a teaspoon of lallemantia with a teaspoon of plantain seeds and wait for half an hour for the lallemantia and plantain to brew well. Then add the teaspoon of ground saffron to the ingredients and stir again; after that, you can drink the tea slowly by adding a little natural honey. This amount can be repeated 2 to 3 times a day for adults and see the magic.

Way 2 – Add saffron to your hot milk

Milk as a rich source of protein and calcium boosts the healing cold symptoms with saffron property. Drinks made with saffron are generally considered as a drink for calming the nerves and mind. Saffron-milk drink is a warm and valuable drink that helps you fight against any winter-related diseases!

Way 3 – Rub saffron on your forehead

Some people are allergic to using saffron orally and for this here is the solution. Studies showed that rubbing saffron solution on one’s forehead is as practical and useful as drinking its beverage. So, for healing cold symptoms with saffron you need not just drink it or add saffron to your dishes, all you need is a glass of water and some saffron threads. Make a solution and rub it on your forehead!

How to buy the purest saffron?

Now that you have learn about healing cold symptoms with saffron, it is time to provide you the best and handpicked saffron. our saffron – at Röda Guldet – is handpicked at a local farm where we can make sure that the farmer is compensated fairly. We started Röda Guldet with a simple promise: to offer authentic saffron of the highest quality at a fair price. This vision guides us, as we continue to add chapters to the story of Röda Guldet.


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