St. Lucia Day lussekatte bread recipe with golden saffron spice

Roda Guldet team | Dec 09
In his report, ELISE BAUER discusses Lucia Day and the recipe for S-shaped lussekatte saffron bread. Join us to learn how to make lussekatte saffron bread. Lussekatte bread is cooked on St. Lucia Day in Sweden. This celebration, also known as the celebra ...

Have you ever tasted fish soup with saffron sauce?

ehsan | Nov 23
If you are an avid fan of fish soup as well as saffron spice, we suggest that you continue with this article. ...

How to make Gotland saffron pancakes?

Roda Guldet team | Nov 17
Today, saffron pancakes are one of the local dishes of Gotland. As such, saffron pancake has become synonymous with Gotland pancake. ...

Why does everyone love saffron pudding dessert? How can I make sweet pudding flavored with saffron?

Roda Guldet team | Oct 14
Pudding is a kind food that is sweet or salt. Puddings, based on their taste, have different recipes. And they’re served as dessert or main meal, according to different cultures. The main ingredients of sweet puddings are milk, sugar, egg, starch, a ...

The secret recipe of Sholeh Zard, the famous Iranian dessert, were discovered.

Roda Guldet team | Oct 13
Can I taste the real taste of Iranian sholeh zard using Roda Guldet saffron strings? Sholeh Zard is a famous Iranian dessert, one of the sweet puddings made with saffron rice. It is interesting to know that Tasteatlas site has listed 50 world famous saffr ...

How can I make creamy salmon soup with saffron?

Roda Guldet team | Oct 12
Salmon soup (laxsoppa) is one of the most popular dishes in Northern Europe and Sweden. Some of the Swedish people consider this soup as a delicious goody in autumn afternoons. Because they believe that the saffron salmon soup is tasty in this season. Of ...


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