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The Story of Röda Guldet

The idea of Röda Guldet was conceived around a kitchen table between two friends stuck in quarantine. Two saffron aficionados tired of constantly overpaying for mediocre saffron, we asked ourselves: why is it so hard to find quality saffron at a reasonable price around here? Two seemingly smart guys, we were unable to find a valid explanation. Before the night was over, a vision about the red gold was formed. We started Röda Guldet with a simple promise: to offer authentic saffron of the highest quality at a fair price. This vision guides us, as we continue to add chapters to the story of Röda Guldet. 

Who We Are

In short: Ehsan, Elliot and the farmer. That’s it. We are not sourced from industrial-scale farms; we don’t use any middle-men, and we don’t dilute our products with lower quality saffron. Instead, our saffron is handpicked at a local farm where we can make sure that the farmer is compensated fairly. As we are involved in every step, we can guarantee that the saffron is of the highest quality, sowed without pesticides and spared from any kinds of preservatives, additives or anything not sourced from the fields of our saffron farms.

Ehsan Naghiaei

In charge of buying, controlling and co-packing the actual saffron. Handles IT and digital marketing. Contact for questions related to saffron origin and quality as well as technical support and marketing.

Elliot Danielsson

Responsible for sales, deliveries, and client engagement. Feel free to reach out for questions about your purchases, businesses inquiries or anything related to commerce.

Gasi, The Farmer

Gasi is a Röda Guldet® farmer and has grown saffron for over 50 years. His family farm is where the magic happens; located in the valley of Romushtikin Ghaen, it is the perfect setting for saffron farming, as it is naturally irrigated by the local springs. No one knows these lands better than Gasi.

Want to Know More?

If you enjoy our products and like what we do, let’s stay connected! We regularly upload pictures from our harvest, share new recipes and post about the wonders of saffron on our social media.


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