saffron threads 5 grams - Roda GuldetSaffron drink
saffron threads 5 grams - Roda Guldet
Saffron drink

Saffron Threads: 5 grams

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About the product:

  • Pure and fresh saffron threads sold in recyclable, food-safe tin packages. Sourced directly from the farmer. 
  • Carefully handpicked Persian premium saffron; planted, harvested and delivered to offer unmatched aroma, flavor, and color.
  • Free from any kinds of preservatives, additives, artificial colors, fragrances or anything not sourced from the fields of our saffron farms. 
  • A perfect addition to enhance recipes. Used for saffron buns, paella, pasta, lamb- or chicken tagine, biriyanis, cakes, moussaka, saffron aioli, saffron tea, puddings, saffron rice, curries, stews, casseroles, risottos, chicken kebabs, and other many dishes!

Product Delivery:

  • We ship to all addresses in Sweden and most countries in Europe.
  • Expected delivery times are 1-3 business days for Sweden and 2-5 business days for Europe.
  • Free shipping and mailbox delivery!



  • Red Gold’s saffron threads are some of the highest quality in the world.
  • Our saffron threads are classified Superior Persian Super Negin. It is consistently tested in ISO laboratories and is certified for its high levels of crocin (color), picrocrocin (flavor), and safranal (odor). Read the full report here.
  • In contrast, most saffron sold in Sweden is Sargol saffron; a nice saffron, but with a more yellowed color, weaker odor, and lower quality than Super Negin.
  • For reference, most Grade 1 Persian saffron sold in Europe have crocin-levels ranging between 220-250; Spanish saffron is classified Grade 1 if it has Crocin-levels above 190.
  • All of Red Gold’s Superior Negin Persian saffron crocin grades exceed 270.
  • A comprehensive research by SVT in 2014 found the following crocin-levels for the leading brands in Sweden:



Santa Maria




Origin and Harvest:

  • We buy the saffron directly from Persian farmers who plant, grow, and harvest everything themselves.
  • The farmers dry the saffron to preserve the color, odor and properties unique to Persian premium saffron.
  • The Persian saffron threads of Red Gold are known for their vivid red color and trumpet-shaped threads, which indicates pureness and high quality.

Red Gold’s Drying Method:

At Red Gold, we dry our saffron to preserve the highest quality. First, the farmers remove the stigmas of fresh saffron. Then, they trim the saffron before heating it with an ironing machine to preserve the crocin-level to the fullest and prevent color darkening. The ironing method is also the best way to preserve the saffron odor. This procedure has become famous among Persian saffron specialists, as it preserves the saffron quality and enable it for medical and cosmetic uses as well.

Cooking Uses:

Saffron is the staple in a wide array of dishes all over the world. In Sweden, saffron is a cornerstone in fish soups, Gotlands-pancake and, of course, lussebullar. However, you can also use the Red Gold in many deserts, including saffron pudding, saffron ice-cream, and Persian Shole Zard. Check out our recipe page for some of our favorites!


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5 Gram Pure Saffron


Superior Negin Saffron


Persian Saffron

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1 review for Saffron Threads: 5 grams

  1. Mohammad

    One of the best quality saffron I bought. All red threads, very fragrant (as fragrant as saffron should be) and immediately releasing golden yellow color when wet. All hallmarks of high quality saffron. Came well packaged and exactly as shown in the picture. Highly recommend RED GOLD Saffron

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