Persian saffron vs other types of saffron | Why Persian saffron is the best

Persian saffron vs other types of saffron | Why Persian saffron is the best

Saffron; the most expensive spice

Saffron or red gold is a fragrant and expensive spice that is often produced in Iran, Spain, and India. Jammu and Kashmir are very famous among all the regions where flowers of this red spice are planted and harvested. In fact, India’s Kashmir region produces about 80 percent of the country’s saffron, most of which is exported to other countries. To the extent that it has been introduced to the world as the most expensive saffron. What do you know about Kashmir saffron? Today, some in the world and even in our country claim that the quality of Kashmir saffron is higher than the quality of Iranian saffron. In this article, we will challenge Persian saffron vs other types of saffron in the world.

Persian saffron vs Kashmiri Saffron

Autumn is the saffron harvest season. Pampore is a region in Kashmir known as the “Saffron City”. As autumn comes, you will find hundreds of men, women, and even children in this region harvesting saffron flowers, which have covered the ground. After harvesting hundreds of hectares of land full of purple saffron flowers, most women work to separate the saffron threads from the flowers. For every pound of saffron, more than 75,000 saffron flowers are needed.

After the saffron threads are separated from the flowers, they are placed in a room that does not expose light to dry. Direct sunlight affects the color of saffron and with this process, its color and aroma preserve.

Perhaps this production process can largely confirm the high price of this fragrant red spice. Because each kilogram of dried saffron prepared after this harvest is sold at a price of about 180 thousand rupees (or the approximate price of 2950 dollars or 2300 euros). Let’s challenge Persian saffron vs other types of saffron deeply.

Crocin is the key

Crocin is actually a chemical compound in saffron flowers that creates the red color of this spice. In addition, the higher the amount of saffron crocin, not only has a darker color but also more healing properties and ultimately higher quality.

According to some sources, the amount of saffron crocin in Kashmir is 8.72%, which is much higher than 6.82% in Persian saffron. This seems to be contrary to universal belief.

But laboratory studies show that today the highest quality saffron in the world with 200 to 300 crocin is made in Iran. Meanwhile, Afghan saffron, despite being cultivated in rich soil, has only been able to reach 200 quality crocin. After this, Indian saffron with a score of 120 to 130 is in the market.

Persian saffron vs other types of saffron | Spanish saffron

In order to compare Persian saffron vs other types of saffron especially Spanish saffron, we should see their features first.

There are several types of saffron that can be cultivated in Iran, each of which is taken from different parts of saffron and has its own characteristics.


Negin saffron

Although the Persian “Sargol” saffron is considered excellent saffron, there are other types of saffron as well. If three threads of this plant are connected and form a cluster, this type of saffron is called Negin. Since the production of Negin saffron is a very delicate and precise hand skill, it is the most expensive and very limited type of saffron to supply.

Sargol saffron

Sargol saffron, as its name suggests, is the part that is located on top of saffron flowers and is red in color and is known as a quality type of saffron. The reason for the superiority of this saffron and the name given to this type is that only the upper part of this plant is separated and therefore it has high quality and color. Sargol saffron is used for cooking due to its good color and aroma. The price of Sargol saffron is higher than other types of saffron due to its quality and good coloring, except for Negin saffron.


Pushal saffron is the end part of the saffron plant. Although Pushal does not have the pure texture and superior quality of Sargol, some consumers prefer to use this type of saffron because of its reasonable price.

Now that you have learned about types of Persian saffron – in comparing Persian saffron vs other types of saffron – it is time to look into the Spanish saffron.

types of persian saffron

Types of Spanish saffron

Spanish Saffron, though not the greatest farmer, still produces satisfying saffron. Clearly, saffron is grown in the La Mancha region of Spain is one of the most popular and unique kinds of Saffron on the market. The reason is that the supply of this saffron is much lower than its Persian counterpart. Spain also organizes and limits how much of this Saffron can be exported, making it difficult for wholesalers to get their hands on it.


The highest quality Saffron produced in Spain is called Coup. Coupe has all-red threads with no yellow style (Saffron’s stem). It is equal to the Persian “Sargol” threads.


“Regular” Saffron. This Saffron belongs to the grade 3 saffron. And it is relatively a low-quality saffron but a cheaper alternative to the higher grade saffron such as Coupe and La Mancha.

Advantages of Persian saffron vs other types of saffron

Persian saffron in comparison with other types of saffron (Spanish, Afghan or Kashmiri) is richer in aroma (Safranal), Color (Crocin), and flavor (Picocrocin). Due to these facts, the Persian saffron-based drinks and dishes are good choices for those who want to be healthy.

Here are some benefits of high-quality Saffron

  • Saffron is a good and natural supplement for strengthening mental health
  • High-quality Saffron is effective in preventing macular degeneration
  • Saffron is effective for the health of the respiratory system
  • Saffron is useful for menstruation and hormonal health

Why the Red Gold?

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