Saffron, the cosmeceutical of 21st century

Saffron, the cosmeceutical of 21st century

Did you know how many years you get younger by using saffron masks?Saffron is a plant which has a lot of properties. Price of per gram saffron, is much more expensive than other plants and spices. It will be interesting to know that the high price of saffron is due to its hard processes in harvesting, picking and drying the stigmas.

Saffron has been used in order to season the foods for many years. Besides that, we should consider the saffron as nature’s medicine. Because it is used to have beauty skin and healthy hair. It is also useful in treating diseases like asthma, cramp, stress, and anemia. Saffron has high nutritional value because of having different vitamins, proteins, and lipids. In this article, we tell you the impact of using saffron on skin’s beauty. Please keep up with us.

How can I beautify my skin with saffron?


Saffron, the skin and hair beauty medicine

Face skin has a great impact on beauty, and all of us are looking for different chemicals in order to have a light and even skin. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that these chemicals have a lot of side effects. The researches on saffron, confirm the positive effects of saffron on the skin’s beauty and health. Thus, some women, in order to have a healthy skin, have decided to use saffron as a substitute for those chemicals.

What are the benefits of using saffron on skin’s beauty and health? 

1- effective on skin beauty and lightening

2- effective in removing dead skin 

3- helps you to get rid of oily skin

4-effective in treating acne 

5- helps in preventing hair loss 

6-Using saffron reduces stress. In the result of reducing stress, hair loss and skin wrinkles reduce. 

What are the properties of saffron face mask for face skin? 

Saffron has a lot of properties for skin, and it is usually used as face masks. In order to make a saffron face mask, different materials are combined with saffron. You can make these face masks at home. To make saffron face masks, you should combine powdered saffron, that you have bought from Röda Guldet’s shop, with honey, milk, yogurt, and fruits. By using saffron face mask several times, you can freshen your skin, well.

1- Use saffron and honey face mask to make your skin brighter 


Saffron and honey mask

Saffron and honey face mask, because of increasing the blood circulation, brightens the skin. Thus, if your skin gets chapped and dark in cold weather, we recommend that you use this face mask. In order to make this mask, just combine honey with powdered saffron and put it on your face for half an hour.

2-Use saffron and milk face mask to make you skin lighter  

It would be interested to know that after using saffron and milk mask several times, your skin gets lighter. If you’ve traveled to hot regions and got sunburned, don’t worry! You can treat sunburn by using saffron mask that has been made with full fat milk.

3-Use saffron and rose water face mask to rejuvenate your skin  


By using saffron and rose water mask, relive days of your youth.

All of us desire to keep our skin young. You can use saffron and rose water mask to have a bright skin like days of your youth. 

It would be interesting to know that you can give your skin freshness by bathing in saffron.

Using saffron in cosmetic products

Nowadays, some of the cosmetic companies don’t use lead or any other harmful chemical in their products, any more. Instead, according to properties of saffron and its effects on beauty, they use this expensive spice. Cosmetic cream, sunscreen, eye shadow, lipstick, hair spray and mousse are some of the products containing saffron essential oil. 

In making saffron masks, good saffron should be used.  

If you are one of those people who prefer using natural and organic compounds, remember that you should use high quality saffron in masks to see the effect of saffron on skin’s beauty.

The quality of saffron of Röda Guldet’s is established. By using the original saffron of Röda Guldet, you can be sure that after several weeks, you will have a fresher skin.

If you need any help in buying original saffron of Röda Guldet’s, you can contact on this number.

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