The secret recipe of Sholeh Zard, the famous Iranian dessert, were discovered.

The secret recipe of Sholeh Zard, the famous Iranian dessert, were discovered.

Can I taste the real taste of Iranian sholeh zard using Roda Guldet saffron strings?

Sholeh Zard is a famous Iranian dessert, one of the sweet puddings made with saffron rice. It is interesting to know that Tasteatlas site has listed 50 world famous saffron puddings; Sholeh Zard is ranked 18th on this list.

Shole Zard is one of the traditional Iranian desserts that has been cooked for many years. This delicious dessert is one of the foods that is cooked in religious ceremonies such as Ramadan and Muharram or parties. Shole Zard is known for its yellow saffron, almond slices, pistachio slices and cinnamon. These are used to decorate shole zard. Cinnamon is usually used to decorate the names of Shia religious figures on sholeh zard.

What are the nutritional values of sholeh zard, traditional Iranian dessert?

The secret recipe of Sholeh Zard, the famous Iranian dessert, were discovered.

Rice, sugar, powdered saffron, rose water, cardamom, pistachio or almond kernels, cinnamon and oil or butter are used to cook shole zard. Each of these foods has the vitamins needed by the human body. In fact, sholeh zard is a rich source of phosphorus, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, carbohydrates, protein and selenium. So we can say that sholeh zard is a complete meal.

Also, sholeh zard’s saffron pudding can have healing and beauty properties due to the use of precious saffron spices.

Follow us to get acquainted with the sholeh zard recipe.

Shole zard recipe

Ingredients for cooking sholeh zard for 8 people:

  • Rice: 2 scoops
  • Water: 14-16 measures
  • Sugar: 4 scoops
  • Sliced almonds: ¾ scoop
  • Oil or butter: 5 to 6 tablespoons
  • ground saffron and cardamom: as needed
  • Rose: 1 cup
  • Cinnamon, pistachio and almond slices to decorate: as needed

Preparing food for cooking sholeh zard

To cook s dholeh zard that have the aroma and flavor of sholeh zard of Iranian housewives, you should pay attention to the following points.


  • Aroma, excellent taste and refreshing yellow color of sholeh zard are due to the use of high quality saffron. Note that the price of each gram of organic and original saffron is very high. You can buy high quality saffron strings (internal link to the site sales page) or powdered saffron (internal link to the site sales page) from Roda Guldet.
  • Powder the saffron strings. Brew the powdered saffron with boiling water.


  • Iranian housewives use short-grain iranian rice to cook shole zard. Because short-grain rice reduces the cooking time of shole zard. So if you use other rice, it is better to be short grain.
  • After washing the rice several times, you should let it soak. It is better to soak the rice in lukewarm water and a little rose water from the night before. Or you can soak the rice 4 hours before cooking.


  • For convenience, you can use sugar directly on the shole zard. But it is interesting to know that Iranian grandmothers first dissolve sugar in water. Then pour the solution in a cloth filter to remove impurities. Then they add the sugar nectar to the shole zard.

Rice cooking time:

  • It takes about 1 hour for the rice to cook. However, this time varies depending on the type of rice. Do not worry. Depending on the appearance and taste of the rice, you can tell whether the rice is cooked or not. The term says that rice should not be spoiled.

Tricks of the trade in cooking sholeh zard

  • One person must be constantly on shole zard pot. Because in order for the shole zard not to settle, it must be stirred constantly.
  • sholeh zard are prepared when the concentration is desired. In fact, it is neither loose and spoiled nor too thick.
  • If the shole zard becomes too thick, you can add a little boiling water to it.
  • You can add cardamom to the shole zard in a finely ground form. Or brew cardamom and add the extract passed through a strainer.
  • You can add sliced almonds to the sholeh zard to soften them sooner. Or add in the last 15 minutes of cooking time to make the almonds firmer.

Now that you have the ingredients for cooking the sholeh zard and are familiar with the details of cooking it, do the following steps in order and after a few hours you can taste the special taste of Iranian saffron pudding.

Iranian Sholeh Zard’s Cooking Steps

  1. Drain the soaked rice water and pour the rice into a bowl. Add 16 cups of water and turn on the oven flame.
  2. When the rice is cooked, add the sugar. Stir the shole zard constantly.
  3. Add butter, ground cardamom and brewed saffron to the rice and mix well.
  4. It takes about 3 hours for the shole zard to cook. To know whether it is cooked or not, you must pay attention to the consistency and concentration of the shole zard.
  5. When the shole zard has formed in necessary consistency; Add rose water and cardamom.
  6. After 5 minutes, taste a little of sholeh zard.
  7. If you like the sweetness and flavor of the sholeh zard, turn off the oven.
  8. Pour the prepared shole zard into a bowl and let it cool a bit.
  9. Garnish the sholeh zard with sliced almonds, sliced pistachios, almonds, roses and cinnamon.
the famous Iranian dessert

Note that the intensity of the golden color of the shole zard depends not only on the amount of saffron used. It also depends on the originality and quality of the saffron.

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